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Manually Install Windows Updates

If you are using a UW-owned mobile device supported by ASA-IS to work from home, please follow the instructions below to process Windows updates.

Connect to Husky On Net or ADAI VPN

Before you can connect to our servers to run the updates, you must first connect to Husky OnNet VPN or, if you are an ADAI employee, theĀ ADAI VPN.

Running the Updates

  1. Click on the Windows Start button in your taskbar
  2. Click on the gear icon [ Screenshot ]
  3. Click on “Update and Security” [ Screenshot ]
  4. Click on the gray button “Check for updates
    Note: do not click on the “Check online for updates from Microsoft Update” button. Those updates are not vetted by ASA-IS yet and may cause issues with your system. [ Screenshot ]
  5. You will receive one of two messages – that your computer is up to date or provided a list of updates to download. You may have to click an “Install now” button to install the updates. [ Screenshot ]
  6. Once updates are installed, you may be prompted to restart your computer to finish installing updates. [ Screenshot ]