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  • Add or Remove Employees from UW Groups

    Access to network shared drives and some other resources is controlled by UW Groups. Membership in a group can open up access to certain folders on network shares. ASA-IS can help you identify which groups you are the owner of, which groups control access to what resource, and help you manage membership of those groups.…

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  • Share Calendars and Set Permissions in Outlook

    In Outlook, click on the calendar icon in the taskbar, then follow the instructions for the corresponding action: Share a Calendar | Modify Calendar Permissions | Open a Calendar [ Screenshot ] Share a Calendar Click on the calendar you would like to share from the sidebar menu – your personal calendar is under My…

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  • Share Outlook Contacts

    Open the People screen by clicking on the People icon in the taskbar. [ Screenshot ] Share all your Outlook contacts In the main menu make sure Contacts is selected [ Screenshot ] Continue to Sharing and Opening Contacts Share Specific Contacts In the My Contacts menu, right-click on Contacts and select New Folder […

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  • Add Shared NetID Account to Outlook on Macs

    A Shared NetID account allows you to add additional email accounts without having to enter a password as long as your NetID has been added to the access group. Please contact your IT administrator for additional information. Follow the steps below once you have confirmed that your NetID has been added to the SendAs group…

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