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Connect to ADAI VPN

To access ADAI resources from offsite or from another domain, such as the NetID domain, you will need to configure and connect to the ADAI VPN. The following instructions to establish a VPN connection are provided for both Windows and Mac.

Review the resources to Access your Computer or Connect to a Shared Drive that can be accomplished once you are connected to the ADAI VPN.

Computers Running Windows 10

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Type “VPN”
  3. Click Change Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  4. Click the “+” symbol next to Add a VPN Connection
  5. Remote Access Add VPN

  6. Enter the following information:VPN Provider: Windows (Built-in)
    • Connection Name: ADAI
    • Server name or address:
    • VPN Type: Automatic
    • Type of sign-in info: Username and Password
    • User name: ADAI\youradaiusername
    • Password: Leave blank
  7. Scroll down and click Save
  8. Back on the VPN screen click on ADAI
  9. Click Connect
  10. Remote Access Connect ADAI

  11. If it does not auto-fill, put your username as ADAI\youradaiusername
  12. Enter your password
  13. Click OK
  14. It will show as Connected when it is ready
  15. When you are done, click Disconnect

Apple/Macintosh Computers

To access the ADAI VPN on a Mac you will need to first contact CSS at 206-543-9413 or to be given the Shared Secret, a verification method that is part of this setup.

  1. Click on the Apple button
  2. Click  System Preferences
  3. Open Network
  4. Click the “+” symbol to create a new VPN connection
  5. In the Interface popup, configure as follows:
    Interface = VPN
    VPN Type = L2TP over IPSec
    Service name = ADAI
  6. Click Create
  7. On the next screen, click the drop-down next to Configuration
  8. Select Add configuration
  9. Type in “ADAI”
  10. Click Create
  11. Input the following information:
    Server Address =
    Account name = adai\adaiusername
  12. Click the Authentication button and select:
    User Authentication = leave blank
    Shared Secret = [contact CSS at 206-543-9413 or]
  13. Click OK 
  14. Click Apply
  15. Click Connect