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Report Spam Using Outlook Quick Steps

Configure Quick Step to Forward Spam to UW IT as an Attachment

  1. From within Outlook, on the Home tab, click Create New in Quick Steps
  2. Outlook Toolbar Quick Steps

  3. Add a Name – Report Spam
  4. Click the dropdown that says Choose an Action
  5. Select Forward message as an attachment
  6. In the To field, paste
  7. Click Show Options
  8. Check the box next to Automatically Send after a 1 min delay
  9. Outlook Quick Step Edit

  10. Click Add Action button
  11. Click the dropdown that says Choose an Action
  12. Select Move to Folder
  13. Click Choose Folder dropdown
  14. Click Other Folder…
  15. Click Junk Email
  16. Click OK
  17. Choose a keyboard shortcut if desired
  18. Add text to show up when you hover over the quick step if you would like, such as “Forward spam to UW IT
  19. Outlook Quick Step Report Spam

  20. Click Finish
  21. Now click a spam email in your box then click on your new Report Spam button in the Quick Steps section to report it to UW IT.