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OneDrive: File Status & Sync Settings

File Status

OneDrive files are stored either in the cloud and on your computer or solely on the cloud and downloaded on an as-needed basis (refer to Files on Demand)

The following figures indicate the status of the documents in your local OneDrive:
[ Screenshot ]

[ Screenshot ]

OneDrive Sync iconSyncing – This icon indicates that the file or folder is syncing or sync is pending.

Consult Microsoft’s documentation for a complete list of potential OneDrive status icons.

Change Sync Settings

Individual files

Change to Always keep on this device to always be a local copy of a file stored.
[ Screenshot ]

Manage Folders

You can also choose which folders are synced to your local OneDrive. Click the cloud icon and then Settings. [ Screenshot ]

Next to the account you’d like to manage the synced folders for, click Choose folders.

You can then uncheck the boxes next to folders you do not want to sync, then click OK to apply.

Files On-Demand

Files On-Demand will show you all the files available to you through OneDrive but only download files on demand, or when you go to open them. This saves disk space but may be slower and does not keep a local copy of all of your files.

If you would like to manage Files On-Demand:

  1. Click the cloud icon in your system tray
  2. Click More
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click the Settings tab
  5. Check (enable) or uncheck (disable) the box next to Save space and download files as you use them

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