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Ops: 2FA Protocols

Enable Two-Form Factor Authentication (2FA) protocols to Slack and RT tools.

Developer: Amy Batzel
Deadline: February 28

Ops: EMS Upgrade

Update the Event Management System (EMS) software.

Developer: Brad Bell
Deadline: December 31

Dev: Admissions Waitlist Confirmation

Update the Waitlist Confirmation tool for the 2022 Admissions cycle for UW Admissions.

Developer: Jacob Lane
Deadline: February 28

Dev: Missing Item Portal

Complete feature upgrades to the Missing Item Portal tool for UW Admissions.

Developer: Page Bonifaci
Deadline: February 15

Returning Student Request Form

Transition the Returning Student Request Form to Kuali Build from external third-party system.
Developer: Sara Torres
Deadline: April 15
Form Soft Launch: April 22

ACCESS Registration Request Form

Transition the ACCESS Registration Request Form to Kuali Build from Gravity Forms. No anticipated launch date.
Developer: Sara Torres
Deadline: N/A

Current Quarter Drop Adviser-Assist Form

Assess whether the Current Quarter Drop (CQD) Adviser-Assist Request Form and associated Workflows fit the use parameters for Kuali Build.
Developer: Sara Torres
Status: STALLED – Incompatible with Kuali Build