Introduction – UW Admissions Applications

Auto is an application created by Octamer that automates the acquisition of Undergraduate Applications from the Online vendor. It securely downloads and archives the Applications as PDF documents that can be viewed, reviewed, printed and otherwise utilized by the Enrollment Services sections of Admissions and Data Services, International Admissions and the Registrar’s Processing Center. Along with the many sources of Transcripts, Auto makes possible a Computer based repository that can be made available selectively to University Staff based on standardized roles to minimize paper and processing steps and to maximize timely throughput of Applicants. The current Online vendor is CollegeNet.

Basic AUTO Functionality

CollegeNet creates Applications based upon Online forms that are developed by Admissions. There are several types for Applicant categories; Freshmen, Post-Bac, Intl-Freshman, Transfer, etc. Some Application types are bundled with included documentation such as a Transcript or Letter. Every weekday morning at 02:00 hrs CollegeNet runs their Imager process and creates Zipped batches of 50 PDF’d Applications. A flat file is provided to allow the SDB import process to digest the incoming Applications. A UW-IT process gathers and utilizes the flat file and sends an Acknowledgement back to CollegeNet (at 03:00 hrs) to let their process know that the Applications have been received. The Imager process creates XML log files which are used by Auto to receive and sort the Applications. The Auto Button on the Microsoft Access form calls a batch script which does the bulk of Auto processing.

UAM – Undergrad Admissions Modernization

UAM incorporates some of Auto’s functionality within it. Currently Auto is still processing Transfer and International applications with Transcripts appended. Auto creates the Error Status reports which are shared with Admissions, Residency and OUR.

UAM on UWIT Wiki

AUTO – ongoing

Created in 2011 and before, AUTO continues to be used until the transition to UAM is complete. Now used for Transfer applications, online and post-bac. When attached transcripts for International Transfer applications became unattached a new process was developed to re-attach them so when they are printed they are printed together. When the migration from Vitcos to Agora occurred a new work around for the 2FA was developed. Constant maintenance and improvement are implemented as needed. AUTO was one of the main business processes that was migrated from the Datamgmt Domain utilizing the Server Venus to the new UWIT Delegated Domain EM and the fileserver Nikon.

Auto Script

#   New UW UG Application Script
#   2011-1103 -das-

ABIN="f:/1web/abin/"                                     #   point to progs
PATH="/bin:$ABIN:$PATH"                                  #   cygwin files 
cd $AUTO                                                 #   goto working area
#  setup variables
export DATER=`date +%Y%m%d`                              #   yyyymmdd
export DATEW=`date +%y%m%d`                              #   yymmdd 
export DATEA=`date +%Y-%m%d`                             #   yyyy-mmdd
export ARGV=`basename "$1"`                              #   or pass in a date
if ! (test -e $ARGV) then
   export CC=`echo $ARGV|awk '{print substr($0,1,2)};'`  # century
   export YY=`echo $ARGV|awk '{print substr($0,3,2)};'`  # year
   export MM=`echo $ARGV|awk '{print substr($0,5,2)};'`  # month
   export DD=`echo $ARGV|awk '{print substr($0,7,2)};'`  # day
   export DATER=`echo $CC$YY$MM$DD`
   export DATEW=`echo $YY$MM$DD`    
   export DATEA=`echo $CC$YY-$MM$DD`   
export APPNAME=$DATEA.txt
echo "Automatic Download for $DATER"
 rm -f Control* *.zip                        #  delete previous files
#  retrieve files from CN sftp - archive or new
echo $ABIN/pscp.exe -2 -4 -C  -p -sftp -batch -pw "This is for UW"$CC$YY/$MM/$DD/\*\_$DATER\_\* .
     $ABIN/pscp.exe -2 -4 -C  -p -sftp -batch -pw "This is for uwi"$CC$YY/$MM/$DD/\*\_$DATER\_\* .
if ! (test -e Control*) then
echo $ABIN/pscp.exe -2 -4 -C  -p -sftp -batch -pw "This is for UW"\*\_$DATER\_\* .
     $ABIN/pscp.exe -2 -4 -C  -p -sftp -batch -pw "This is for uwi"\*\_$DATER\_\* .


   echo cp *.zip    f:/1Web/zipfiles
        cp *.zip    f:/1Web/zipfiles &
   echo cp Control* f:/1Web/ctlfiles
        cp Control* f:/1Web/ctlfiles


# 2011-1115  add cnet_appl_sea.111115   -das-
# 2011-1116  applhold as archive -das-

   echo $ABIN/pscp.exe -i $ABIN/key.ppk -p dale@$DATEW $APPNAME
        $ABIN/pscp.exe -i $ABIN/key.ppk -p dale@$DATEW $APPNAME
if ! (test -e $APPNAME) then
   echo $ABIN/pscp.exe -i $ABIN/key.ppk -p dale@$DATEW $APPNAME
        $ABIN/pscp.exe -i $ABIN/key.ppk -p dale@$DATEW $APPNAME


#   archive webfile
   echo cp $APPNAME f:/applications
        cp $APPNAME f:/applications
   echo cp $APPNAME f:/1web/webfiles
        cp $APPNAME f:/1web/webfiles

#   get error report
   echo $ABIN/pscp.exe -i $ABIN/key.ppk -p dale@ ugadmerr.txt
        $ABIN/pscp.exe -i $ABIN/key.ppk -p dale@ ugadmerr.txt

   echo cp ugadmerr.txt f:/1web/ERRfiles/`find -maxdepth 1 -name ugadmerr.txt -printf "err%Ty%Tm%Td.txt\n"`
        cp ugadmerr.txt f:/1web/ERRfiles/`find -maxdepth 1 -name ugadmerr.txt -printf "err%Ty%Tm%Td.txt\n"`

# Folder code
#DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "$0" )" && pwd )"
# 00000000011111111112222222222333
# 12345678901234567890123456789012
# Control_7_20111103_000000581.xml

DIMS="f:/dims"                             # point to DIMS
CNTL="$( ls -1 Control* )"                 # daily Control XMLs
ZIPL="$( ls -1 *.zip )"                    # daily ZIPs
DDIR=$DIMS/$DATER                          # daily directory
PDIR=$DIMS/$DATER/print                    # batch print directory
# make print directory
echo mkdir -p $PDIR
     mkdir -p $PDIR
echo rm -f $PDIR/dirlist.txt
     rm -f $PDIR/dirlist.txt

# make sub directories and unzip PDFs
for j in $ZIPL;
    echo Process $j:
        ZBAT="$( basename `echo $j | awk 'BEGIN {FS="_"}{print $5}'` .zip ) "
        ZBAT="$( expr $ZBAT + 0 )"
        BDIR=$DIMS/$DATER/$ZBAT                 # batch sub-directory
    FDIR="$( echo $j | awk 'BEGIN {FS="_"}{print  $1$4}' )"
        echo mkdir -p $BDIR/$FDIR 
             mkdir -p $BDIR/$FDIR 
        echo cp $j $BDIR/$FDIR 
             cp $j $BDIR/$FDIR 
        echo pushd $BDIR/$FDIR
             pushd $BDIR/$FDIR
        echo unzip -o $j
             unzip -o $j
        echo rm $j
             rm $j
        FLST="$( ls  UW*.pdf )"
    for i in $FLST;
        echo $i "|" $BDIR/$FDIR "|"  $BDIR/$FDIR/$i >> $PDIR/dirlist.txt
#  don't copy pdfs
#       echo cp *.pdf $PDIR
#       cp *.pdf $PDIR
        echo popd