Sample A Class

Sample a class is a page on the Admissions site that links to a PDF that rotates every quarter. A request may come in to update the PDF. The PDFs are located in the CDN: /data/www/


Admissions Calendar Events and UW in your Area are described in recurring procedures.



Join the Email List and For HS Counselors are GravityForms forms on the Admissions site. We have a weekly cron job (on sudo) on emkojima that runs every Friday to pull the results in a CSV format and puts them in a shared drive that Neal and Jim of Admissions can access for their scripts. There is a project request to automate adding these into the CRM directly, in the pipeline. The password for root on emkojima is in Encryptr.

If you want to run the scripts manually, make sure to run them as su to get permissions to write to the folder.

Join the Email List – J:\Team\Admission Systems\Ellucian Recruiter\Imports\Join the Email List

Counselors – J:\Team\Admission Systems\Ellucian Recruiter\Imports\Counselors

Script location on emkojima – /home/emweb/scripts/admissions_gravity_forms_automation

The script logs to #logs in Slack about whether or not it succeeded every Friday:


Calendar events are mentioned in recurring procedures.

UW in your Area

UW in your Area’s process is mentioned in recurring procedures.


Super Cache Plugin

Super Cache is enabled on the admit site. When a content owner edits a page, Super Cache is configured to automatically remove that page from the cache so that visitors will immediately see those changes. However, Super Cache will not automatically flush the cache when you make theme updates, etc. If you make any theme/presentation modifications to the site outside of editing a post/page, then you should visit the Super Cache plugin and delete the cache pages; Super Cache will then begin repopulating the cache with your changes.

Super Cache also presented some difficulties during installation: it didn’t want to write/create its configuration files automatically. I had to follow the instructions in the Super Cache admin to create/edit these files in order to get Super Cache working; you might encounter similar issues.