Admission and Appeal form, Waitlist Form


This application uses the windows server Sweetwater and a OneDrive account to move files around.
• Accepted file types can be easily added or removed. Currently PDF, PNG, and JPEG.
• The file upload fields have an “accept” attribute that only lets you choose the accepted file types.
• If you do manage to submit a bad file type, then the application throws an error.
• Perhaps we should put a notice on the form indicating the acceptable file types?
• For testing purposes, you can unsubmit your application at:


• Dates have been changed, as requested.
• Access to these pages is currently restricted to our own team, but we can unlock it on request.

Files to Update with New Year

  • waitlist/domestic/index.php
    • the $thisyear variable
  • waitlist/international/index.php
    • the $thisyear variable
  • waitlist/project-temlpates/section/accept.twig
    • within the text
  • waitlist/project-temlpates/section/classes-instructions.twig
    • within the text
  • waitlist/project-temlpates/section/intro.twig
    • within the text